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Image by Tym Cooper


The Sea Change Trust supports children, young people and families through specialist psychotherapy. We are located in Shropshire, where all of our current projects take place.

Shropshire is geographically a large county with a very rural and widely spread population, of over 320,000 people, where deprivation can easily be hidden from view. The weighting of resources to more urban communities has left our county without services that still exist elsewhere despite austerity policies.

Poor public transport makes accessing services a major challenge.

Young families have seen services close and their public transport links disappear with many local buses routes cut, particularly to more rural areas.

The Sea Change Trust is part of  Shropshire’s diverse and responsive voluntary sector.

We work closely with other organisations in the county. Partnership working is something we value and understand as a vital aspect of offering effective support to those families who are most marginalised and isolated, giving them an experience of being well contained and thought about by a closely knit network. By working together we can have a positive and long lasting impact.

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