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The Sea Change Trust offers therapeutic services delivered by our team of highly experienced therapists.

We work directly with infants, children, young people and parents. We also offer support, supervision and training for those working with families and those responsible for the care and education of children and adolescents who require psychotherapeutic services.

We give infants, children, young people and parents the opportunity to talk about how they feel without the fear of judgement.

The individuals and families we work with all need our support. They may face challenges due to poverty, adverse childhood experiences, displacement due to trauma or economic migration, mental illness including post-natal depression, traumatic delivery or prematurity. They may be living in temporary accommodation or experiencing homelessness. The vulnerable parents we support may be struggling to provide for their infant in material terms. This is likely to have an impact on their capacity to bond with the baby or otherwise meet their emotional needs.

We work in partnership with agencies who refer parents and cares to our services.

Services to support parents have been subject to many cuts in recent years, leaving the remaining resources extremely stretched in the face of increasing demand. Health visitors are no longer able to offer regular visits, and Family Nurse Partnership staff must focus on families with high levels of risk due to council cuts in funding. Children’s Centres and other community-based provisions have been closed leaving many young families isolated and increasingly vulnerable to emotional and psychological difficulties. Food poverty is rising and over 63 families regularly use the Food Bank in Shrewsbury.

Early Intervention

At The Sea Change Trust we know that investing in the emotional wellbeing of babies and young children is an essential way to invest in the future.

Late intervention in infant mental health is estimated to cost the public sector in Shropshire in excess of £74million per year and the United Kingdom over £17billion. However, rigorous long-term studies have shown for every £1 invested in early intervention for vulnerable families there is a saving of between £4 - £9.

Find out more about us and how you can support our work.

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