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Image by Krzysztof Kowalik

By leaving a legacy to The Sea Change Trust you can help us continue to work towards our vision: a future where young minds are supported and empowered at the time of need.

Writing a will can give you peace of mind. It is also your your opportunity to leave a gift to the people and causes that are close to your heart. 

If you are planning on writing a will or would like to amend an existing will it is important that you speak to a solicitor.

If you would like to support The Sea Change Trust by leaving a gift in your will this can be done in the following ways:

  • a gift of a specific amount of money

  • a percentage of whatever is left from your estate once you have looked after your family and friends

  • a specific item

If you would like to discuss how your support could enable us to plan for the future please do get in touch.

It is entirely up to you whether or not you tell us about your gift. However, if you would like to inform us we would be delighted to be able to thank you and keep you updated about our work.

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