Child Reading in the Grass


Through our Early Years Project we offer a number of groups for parents and their children. These groups give parents the chance to:

  • meet in a safe and uncritical place

  • be with others who are also facing the challenges of being a parent

  • share their experiences with professionals who may be able to help share the load and offer new ideas

  • be in a place where parents and babies can play together, spend time together and talk about how it is for them where they won’t be judged, but supported and encouraged

  • a space where parents and their baby can spend time together in a warm and comfortable environment

  • understand and develop the skills to hear what their baby is telling their parents

  • meet new people, discuss topics that are relevant to them and have a cup of tea!


Assessment Clinic: Parents or carers meet with our therapists to give a picture of the current difficulties and their history. Families will be helped to consider the intervention which best meets their needs before being introduced to the team who will support them during the next stage of their journey.

Under-4s Clinic: Based on the Tavistock Clinic Model of work with pre-school children and their parents, families attend a series of six fortnightly appointments with therapists who help them explore and understand their child’s emotional and psychological world, allowing and encouraging the possibility for change. Past, present and future of family life are considered as a way of seeing current difficulties in context, and both play and talking form part of the conversation. If further work is needed, it may be useful to offer a further series of sessions, or families can be referred to another part of the service.

Parent-infant psychotherapy: Where problems need a focussed intervention, joint psychotherapy involving parent or carer and infant offers an effective means of enhancing communication and relationship within the dyad.

Baby Brains and Bonding: A group for up to eight parents and their babies aged up to a year. This model uses play alongside psycho-education in helping parents behave and respond in a way which supports the developing sense of self within their child.

Paint with your Baby: for up to six parents or carers and babies up to one year old. This group uses Art Psychotherapy as a means for parent and baby to enjoy a creative activity together, while supported by therapists specialising in early years work.

Little People with Big Feelings Toddler Group: for up to ten parents/carers and their toddler aged one to three. An opportunity for toddlers and parents to play together with the support of therapists who can help with miscommunications or conflicts which are an ordinary part of parenting this age group.