High Fives


The Sea Change Trust is a UK charity working in Shropshire to transform young futures through specialist psychotherapy.

Our vision is a future where young minds are supported and empowered at the time of need.

Our origins

We were founded in February 2019 by the Directors of Sea Change Psychotherapy, a social enterprise that has been supporting the mental health of Shropshire parents and carers, infants, children and young adults for over three years.

Our values

We believe that all children and young people, regardless of ethnicity, ability, social background or sexual orientation deserve the chance to grow and develop in a way that helps them lead as full a life as possible. The trust targets those most vulnerable to mental health difficulties in the context of other social and economic problems.

Our remit

1 in 8 children and young people face mental health problems. Children living in lower income households and whose parents were in receipt of low-income benefits are more likely to have experience challenges with their mental health.

We work directly with infants, children, young people and parents. We aim to provide effective therapeutic support, regardless of financial means, background or status.

Our approach

Our team are trained to help children, young people and families where emotional and psychological difficulties are hard to understand or talk about. Analytic work enables us to look beneath the surface and explore the root of a problem rather than only treating the symptoms. We use play to help children communicate thoughts and feelings so these can be thought about and reflected on, and art is used with all ages as a therapeutic tool.

Our partners

We work in partnership with agencies, who refer to us so we can work with the individuals and families who need our support.

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