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The Sea Change Trust is a UK charity working in Shropshire to transform young futures through specialist psychotherapy.

Our vision is a world where the emotional and psychological needs of children and young people can be met through early interventions in the local community.

Our origins

We were founded in February 2019 by Tess Bailey-Sayer, a Director of Sea Change Psychotherapy- a social enterprise which has was launched in 2016.

Our values

We believe that all children and young people, regardless of ethnicity, ability, social background or sexual orientation deserve the chance to grow and develop in a way that helps them lead as full a life as possible. The trust targets those most vulnerable to mental health difficulties in the context of other social and economic problems.

Our remit

There is currently an unprecedented crisis in young people’s mental health. In England more than 400,000 children and young people are being treated for mental health problems each month. This is the highest number since records began in 2016.

This has been amplified by COVID-19, with a notable rise in mental health problems due to social isolation, economic instability, stress and an absence of support services throughout the pandemic. The cost of living crisis is further compounding a the mental health crisis among children in Britain and the financial impact for families is having a profound negative impact on children.

We work directly with infants, children, young people and parents. We aim to provide effective therapeutic support, regardless of financial means, background or status. Early intervention and community-based preventive work is crucial in limiting the impact of this situation on the mental health of children and young people.

Our approach

In planning and developing our projects we are guided and supported by close working partnerships within the community. This helps us ensure that our work is responsive and accessible to those in most need.

Our team are child specialists, trained to help children, young people and families where emotional and psychological difficulties are hard to understand or talk about. Analytic work enables us to look beneath the surface and explore the root of a problem rather than only treating the symptoms. We use play to help children communicate thoughts and feelings so these can be thought about and reflected on. 

Find out more about what we do and how you can support us.

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